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[pct-l] Are dogs alowed on the trail?

On Thu, 30 May 2002 CharlieJones@aol.com wrote:

> I thought that dog-owners loved their dogs? Why do so many of them want to
> take them on the trail and maim or kill them?
> I assume that they love their 'significant other' also, but I don't see them
> asking advice about taking them on the PCT.
> Did anyone ever asked a thru-hiking dog if he/she enjoyed the trip? It
> doesn't matter, your dog would lie to you anyway and tell you what you WANT
> to hear. You are the intelligent beast here (in most cases). It is you who
> should make the decision to leave your dog at home ... for their own
> protection.
> Be kind to your dog,
> Charlie

I dont think there is anything most dogs would want to do then hike with
its master-- I suppose that it depends on what kind of dog you are talking
about but most dogs are far more capable of long distance hiking then

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