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[pct-l] Are dogs alowed on the trail?

I certainly agree with people who indicated to be careful about over-
working your dog.  I killed my dog 3 years ago taking him mountain 
biking for 30 minutes. He was too loyal and tried to stay with me 
despite his total exhaustion and over-heating.  He litterally 
collapsed while trying to stay up with me.

I also agree that the cougar issue is moot.  Your dog may help warn 
you about approaching bears, but I wouldnt count on him/her defending 
you against a bear.  I would guess that a bear would eat a dog for 

As far as getting the dog in shape, I guess it depends on how out of 
shape it is to start with.  I agree with Brick, starting 30 miles per 
day to get the dog in shape may not be the best approach. You may 
need some training beforehand.

There are plenty of places that sell dog packs.  I am pretty sure 
that Mountainsmith sells them  I was at REI for the memeorial day 
sale and they had some too.  A google search for dog-pack should give 
you plenty of results.  I would try to talk with someone who has used 
them to find out how to fit them and what the pitfalls are.

Also, there are plenty of previous posts about this topic over the 
last few years.  Definitley check the archives.

Lastly, from what I understand, it is almost impossible for a dog to 
hike the whole way without booties.  I have heard from many people 
that the rocks just tear up their paws in no time.  I would look into 
that for sure.


> I'm planning on hiking the pct this next summer and was wondering
> if I could take a dog the whole way. The first half will be done
> in 2003 and the second in 2004. It was suggested that I take our
> dog to possibly prevent against cougars ... and also to get her in
> better shape. I was wondering if it was either legal or plausible.
> I could also use any links to sites for dog packs, gear...
> Thanks,
> David
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