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[pct-l] Dogs on trail?

How about doing 3 Sisters and Mt Jefferson Wildernesses back to back. Or nine 
days each on an in and out. Both are utterly stunning. Dogs are allowed but 
like Marshall said, watch out for Belknap Crater. The volcanic rock there is 
so sharp you will cut your hand by just pressing on the stuff. Man, I was 
never so glad to get back to good old regular, soft, forest trail. But I do 
consider Belknap Crater to be the most out of the way, unknown, bizarre, 
alien like landscape on the entire PCT. 1500' of frothy lava that flowed like 
toothpaste, eating up the forest like some giant black-brown amoeba. The flow 
is so recent that plants have yet to colonize it. It's the finest example 
showing that most of Oregon Cascades is basically one immense lava flow, 
occurring over many millennia. If you get done early, head for Eagle Creek 
with the best variety of really cool waterfalls on the entire PCT. Crater 
Lake is unique, but short. And no dogs on trails, I do believe.