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[pct-l] Sierra Snow Analysis


I concede that my original estimate of the date to leave Kennedy Mdws for 
passibility of the Sierras; May 18th, would have been a bit early for most 
hikers.  As I recall, Tom, you estimated June 10th or so.  Did we have a bet 
on this?  If so, I guess that I owe you. (White Zinfadel?  MGD?  KYA?)

However, if you had left Kennedy Meadows on May 18th, I believe that you 
would be well over Forrester Pass by now and headed into VVR (albeit, perhaps 
at a good cost of effort).  Oh, but what a great position to be in at such a 
great time in the Sierras!  

I recall forging streams in northern Yosemite NP, skirting large north facing 
snow fields and postholing a bit to make a beautiful small lake. We passed 
nor saw anyone all day.  Ice still covered 90% of the lake and the fish were 
jumping like mad (for all the damn mosquitos!) in the 10% that was ice-free.  
Anything thrown into the water was immediately hit by several, large, fat, 
luscious trout.  My brother and I had fresh trout for dinner and breakfast 
the next day, filling ourselves to the point of absurdity.  

We felt just a bit of satisfaction realizing that the trout were fat due to 
the abundance of mosquitos and other emerging insects.  The circle of life; 
mosquitos suck human blood and get fat, slow and stupid, fish eats mosquitos 
until fat, slow and stupid, humans eat fish until slow, fat and stupid, 
mosquitos suck human blood . . . 


"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)
            St. Augustine

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