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[pct-l] Ticked off the PCT

In mid-April I sent a note to the list about my encounter with ticks in =
Sec. G (in CA,  Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows) approx. five miles north =
of Joshua Tree Springs. Because of my concern,  I sought medical help at =
the Drummond Medical Group in Ridgecrest CA after finding three embedded =
ticks which got infected.  I then was also concerned for the welfare of =
succeeding hikers through that area.  Yesterday I received a letter from =
Dr. Lawrence Cosner, of the Drummond Medical Group.  I had asked Dr. =
Cosner what the potential was for tick born diseases in that area. The =
following I think sums up his feeling.

'Lyme disease is seen very uncommonly in this area.  Most cases of it =
have been attributed to exposures outside our area.  However, in =
discussion with local veterinarians, we have had one documented case of =
Lyme disease in a local pet where there was no external vector evident.  =
It is assumed that this was acquired in the foothills of the =
southeastern Sierras where we are located.  This clearly does not =
represent a major problem, but because even a low background frequency =
of a disease like this is worth mentioning, we do tell our patients =
about it.'=20

Though Dr. Costner does not say how many cases of embedded ticks they =
have treated, the doctor does mention that, 'we are aware of all tick =
born diseases, but have taken no specific caution because of Lyme =

So it sounds like the potential is low for acquiring tick born diseases =
in the area, one must be cautious.   It also appears prudent to perform =
periodic self examinations when in tick infected areas, and to remove =
ticks immediately.

Jim Batdorff
Coos Bay, OR =20

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