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[pct-l] Fishing on the pct

The rule of thumb for me as far as fishing while hiking is concerned,If I'm 
short of food I won't catch any .If I've just resupplied I'll catch alot and 
have to release most and probably all.
Would I consider hiking w/o fishing? I don't think so. Maybe I would bounce 
the gear  ahead in desert areas ,maybe.
Fishing with  spinners would make it much easier to catch fish,
than if your a amatuer fly-fisherman like me.But I have my fly-fishing
geardown to 5 oz(7ft fly rod ,no reel,line ,flies ,leader etc.and protective 
foam rubber case)and breaks down to 14"x7.5" in circumference.
For me its part of the widerness experience.So I'm starting my hike
of Ore., Wa. early July to allow for 0 mileage fishing days.Mosquitoes
will probably eat more of me than I will of fish.The fish will eat the
mosquitoes,it's all part of the circle of life.

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