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So, for those that like to go by the book (like bear canister proponents) 
doesn't the fact that mailing alcohol is indeed illegal present a dilemma for 
alcohol stove users? Maybe the town guide book could ascertain the 
availability of alcohol at such remote sights as Ollalie Lake, Timberline 
Lodge and Stehekin. Uncertainty of an alcohol fuel supply and the potential 
for a fine for mailing alcohol makes me lean towards a stove that uses 
Coleman fuel which is nearly universally available, even in no-places like 
Elk Lake and Cascade Summit. Or my Zip stove which I used for the entire PCT. 
 I would have used it in the Grand Canyon but its legality was in doubt since 
fires are banned in the back country and I was in no mood to play rebel.( We 
only saw 3 people in 8 days of Canyon hiking and no rangers) At least the 
Indian rangers thought a campfire was in order 17 miles from their village of 
Supai , in the middle of absolute utter nowhere, even though the fire danger 
was considered severe. Who was I to question their judgment which was in 
complete opposition to official Forest Service proclamations. I figured they 
knew the place better than most since they were rumored to be the descendants 
of Anasazi who retreated to Havasu Canyon during a great drought