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[pct-l] Re: Entering the US southbound - the word from the INS

The I-94 is not a new thing.  But, at least, prior to 9-11, the INS 
was pretty lax about collecting it when you leave.  If you fly out of 
the U.S., it is very likely to be collected by the airline check-in 
person.  From the story, you relate, it sounds as though driving 
across the border, it is not collected.   Is this true even post-9/11?

I need to find out how stringent the INS is getting about collecting 
the I-94..  My husband is a legal resident and we are planning to 
thru-hike northbound next year. Thus, when he crosses the border into 
Canada, no one will be able to collect his I-94.

Kimber (Linus)

P.S. Since this is my first post, I'll introduce myself.  My husband 
Cesar (trail name Woodstock) and I live in Berekeley, CA. Since the 
end of our AT hike in 2000/01, I have been very trail-sick. All I 
want to be is a thru-hiker! We are planning on attempting a PCT 
northbound thru-hike next year.