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[pct-l] Alcohol

Rick said:
>>I've been using grain alcohol (ethanol - Evercleer) in my stove

MY GO$H!  I thought the height of yuppiedom was making gorp
with machedamia nuts and Godiva chocolates!  This sets a new 
standard of conspicuous consumption on the trail.

FYI:  Alcohol in any form CANNOT be mailed (US Postal Service).
I have this on direct authority from the USPS website.
Check USPS Publication #52 at http://www.usps.com/welcome.htm
for more info.  "Intoxicating liquors" are prohibited, as is
anything "flamable".  However, "mouthwash" is expressly exempt
from these restrictions . . .  <g>

Kurt P. Herzog  
Grants Pass, OR 97526 


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