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[pct-l] CDT update from PA Jeff and Swiss

 Not PCT related!! ( Sorry) Just talked to Jeff and Swiss last night as a get 
ready to mail them of their stuff to Charma. ( Sounds like about 10 days 
away) Fire is bad news this year on Southern CDT . ( Special thanks to Jim 
and Jenny Owens and Jonathon Ley for all their help , maps and advice for 
their trip!!) Colorado snow levels are at a 25 year low!! ( Kind of like PCT 
1977???) Good news is their trip through the Mt.s of Colorado may be the best 
in twenty five years for easy  hiking through snow. ( Which has been running 
around 52% of normal) Jeff, Swiss and Luzia were just about ready to hit the 
hottub last night and are in good spirits !! My plans to join them in 
mid-June at Glacier are now off, but plan to take a week off in mid-Sept. and 
say hi to PCT 2002 folks around Stehiken with a one week hike in that area. 
Then take a week in late Sept. and hike Glacier CDT North with Jeff when they 
finish.   Thanks again for a great kick-off ( But WET!!!) weekend. I enjoyed 
seeing old friends and meeting new faces as well.     Question???? When is 
the Alda-West again this fall??? Hopefully , Jeff will finish in time for the 
Gathering at Wenatchee.    P.S.  Come up to Olympia for free Kayaking 
lessons!!!!! Monte

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