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[pct-l] PCT-access -- one-way days hikes near bay area

Paul Ferreira said....
>Fellow Hikers:
>I'm interested in hiking on the PCT for the first time.  I'd like to =
>know where I can find information about places to access the trail for a =
>one-day hike.  Either towns or trailheads where I can be dropped off and =
>then picked up without having to double-back on the trail.  Are there =
>any 15-20 mile sections that are possible to do in one day in this =
>manner?  I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and so would be interested =
>in such a section within a few hours drive.
>Paul Ferreira

Hi Paul

A couple of options come to my mind....

Carson Pass (CA 88) to Echo Summit (US 50)

Echo Summit to Emerald Bay (relativly short, very nice, lots of granite 
                            in desolation wilderness, but only 
                            partly on the PCT)

Echo Summit to McKinney-Rubicon Road (just past Richardson Lake) (longer)


Echo Summit to Barker Pass Road (if you're feeling really energetic)

These last two end on dirt roads of varying quality.

Squaw Valley to Soda Springs.  (This would be nice too -- 
                                lots of ridge walking)

-carl mears