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[pct-l] Entering the USon the PCT

Interesting question, especially after 9-11. There isn't anyone at the
US/Canadian border at the PCT.  You won't show your passport to anyone at
that point. You may not even see anyone at all for a while. I presume you
have a USA visa (I'm guessing you need one), so that should probably be

Since your probably will leave from the USA, I don't think anyone is going
to look at your passport and ask "why isn't there a USA stamp?". I don't
even know if the border folks are stamping foreign passports as you drive
into the USA.

I presume that other foreigners have the same issue when entering Canada and
then returning to the USA - no Canadian stamp either.

The INS web site doesn't have an e-mail address. There is an 800 number
(1-800-375-5283 -probably only inside USA) - and probably will have a long
wait. I'll see if I can find out anything during the week.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
(503) 232-5271
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I'm planning a southbound hike this year.

I come from Germany and I will arrive in Vancouver Canada and I'm planning
to start in Manning Park...

My problem is I can't find anything on entering the US on the PCT wether or
not it is legal or not???
I couldn't find anything on www.pcta.org
and the guidebook does not help.

I know most of the people are northbounders but hey isen't there anyone who
has done it southbound(???), who could help or tell me about his

Grüße Matti
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Grüße Matti
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