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[pct-l] UK Ray's tape

Does anyone know whether I could purchase a copy of this (audio? video?) =
tape directly from UK Ray, in the event that I can't find it through a =
third party like Ron? (Ron? Have you left for the CDT yet?)=20

I want to hear classic Jack Fair stories. And I am willing to offer my =
hard-earned money to do so.

- blisterfree

>> This tape rates as the BEST 20 bucks I believe I ever spent!  Anyone =
one who has ever hiked the PCT will love Ray's trail stories!! ( Even if =
you have=20
never hiked , Ray's stories will bring laughes and tears to your eyes) =
hiked the PCT with Ron Moak ( Fallingwater) in 2000 and again in 2001. =
will keep you glued to your chair.  If you haven't bought a copy , check =
Ron. I can loan mine if he's out. ( I only wish I could have hiked with =
more) His Jack Fair stories are classic!!!! Monte <<

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