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[pct-l] Hat Creek Rim water cache

As I recall, there is only one rather undesirable and poorly flowing =
water source between the settlements of Old Station and Burney Falls. =
However, there is a water fountain at Subway Cave and water available at =
a near-trail campground just north of aforementioned puny water source. =
Most thru-hikers rely on man-made water sources in this section, and =
Amigo's very reliable cache toward the middle-north end of the Hat Creek =
Rim traverse is well-placed about a long day's hike north of Old =
Station. Most hikers had availed themselves of it when I passed thru in =
2000, however liberally I'm not sure, but no one ever complained about =
it being dry. It was about as reliable as they come.=20

Amigo, I have a photo of myself straddling the hip-high crook in an =
Oregon lodgepole pine, with my hiking cap high in the air and a bronco =
rider's gleam in my eye. Unfortunately, the image is too out-of-focus =
for serious Zebra research purposes.

- blisterfree

>>Best of luck to you all, and I hope to see you on the
trail soon enough.  If anyone is wondering, I'll be
building that water cache on the hat creek rim in mid
june for hikers to catch it in late july/early august.<<

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