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[pct-l] Hwy 395 connections

Campy posted this a while back,

> > The CREST bus is now operating between Ridgecrest and Carson City. =
> > name stands for Carson City - Ridgecrest Eastern Sierra Transit. It
> > might be useful for section hikers coming to and leaving the PCT.
> > Problem is, a bus runs north and one runs south from Bishop and you
> > can't ride all the way from, say, Lone Pine to Carson City in one =
> > The Ridgecrest bus, serving Lone Pine, runs Mon, Wed, Fri and the =
> > City bus runs from Bishop on Tue, Thu, Fri, with no Fri transfer
> > possible between those two buses. Let's talk about the one for =
> > and points north. Depart Bishop 201 S Warren Terminal at 7 am. =
> > McDonald's 7:50 am, June Lake Firehouse 8:15 am (by request only), =
> > Vining Bell's Sporting Goods 8:25, Bridgeport Texaco 8:55 am, and =
> > other stops until Carson City Walmart's at 10:45 am. There is a =
> > match with the PRIDE bus line which can then take you to Reno AMTRAK =
> > the airport. arriving there at 12:23 pm. The pm return times begin =
> > Carson City at 1:45 pm and arrive in Bishop at 5:30 pm on the same =
> > Tue, Thu, Fri. There are flag stops (at any safe location along Hwy =
> > - the bus is medium size and is mainly white in color) and also
> > special-request pickup locations; call 800-922-1930 for details. =
> > from Bishop to Carson City is $20, $17 for seniors, children, and
> > handicapped. The fare is progressively less from other stops closer =
> > Carson City.

The PRIDE bus (1-866-687-7433) connection from the N. end of the CREST =
route overlaps times and pickup point, and runs to Reno's transit =
center, via Reno/Tahoe airport. Access there to Greyhound, Amtrak (both =
bus and rail routes).
>From Lee Vining, you can link up with YARTS after June 24, for a ride to =
Tuolumne, but the single run per day seems to mean an overnite in Lee =
Vining. YARTS has a web site.

In Reno, gear is available at REI, Sierra Mountaineers, Reno Mountain =
Sports, Mogul Mouse, Copelands and the usual assortment of big box =
retailers. For a really huge, thru-hiker gorge-fest, there's a Claim =
Jumper in town now, if you can wangle a rest-resupply run. My wife and I =
consider their appetizers a complete meal for two.=20


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