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[pct-l] Section hiking around Kennedy Meadows

For Memorial Day week short-distance fun, what about Horseshoe Meadows
(10000'), Trail Pass (10500'), and south to Kennedy Meadows?
>From Trail Pass to Olancha Pass junction the range is 8920-10540.
No doubt some snow is around under the heavier timber, would it be too 
much for "just hiking?"    Is the road open by then?
I don't think there are any unbridged major stream crossings south of
Trail Pass - is Evolution Creek the first really challenging one northbound?

I had been thinking Kennedy Meadows south to Walker Pass, which would be
OK but perhaps extra dry this year, but the through hikers have to do
it so I guess it must be feasible!    This would certainly be preferable
to Horseshoe Meadows if the weather turned unfavorable over Memorial Day.