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[pct-l] To be early or not at Kennedy Meadows?

Greg as usual is incorrect. Looking at southern snow pillows does little to
predict the passes further north.

Greg is CORRECT about the current runoff. Sometimes GREG does get lucky. The
Kern has already crested and the Kings [Whitney Creek] will crest on 5/18.
In 2000 they crested  about 5/25 and several people were in serious danger
crossing about June 14 but made it. Leaving on June 1 will likely cause you
to have the same experience.  Leaving June 15 will probably miss the big
crossings. I say likely because the melt is actually caused by the
temperature and that is unpredictable.

The Tyndall Creek snow pillow is the SOUTHERNMOST snow pillow that should be
considered. My rule of thumb is that Forrester is reasonably crossable with
mountaineering equipment and knowledge 2 weeks after that pillow hits zero
or 22-23 days from now. Two weeks later the pass will be a walkover. There
IS a snow pillow on Bishop Pass thatw ill be typical of the PCT passes.

Note: You should be advised that Greg goes looking for snow filled mountains
to climb and I avoid snow at all costs. This could explain our disagreement.
Your mileage will vary. Take this, and Greg's recommendation as the mad
ravings of chair bound fustrated backpackers.