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[pct-l] Future trail Memorial

>  How's this, how about a Jack Fair memorial marker at milepost nearest his
>place on PCT??  ( It could say something about ," That will be a buck")
>Losing 2 trail angels recently hurts!! Butch the other. When folks complete
>their thru-hike , the things that stick out alway include their time at Donna
>and Jeff's, Paul and Pat's, Pooh corner and other angels where a shower,
>great food and super company can be had. ( Even folks not thru-hiking love to
>stop by and revisit for old-timing) Jack Fair lives on in those he

	Pete Fish, is there precedence for the PCTA to take the lead 
on something like this?  Since Jack Fair lived in my section I might 
be able to assist for that one.....maybe a designated collection by 
PCT-List hikers to help support cost....?

Kevin Corcoran