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[pct-l] ADZ Attendance

How wonderful:  The Greater Lake Morena & Community Spring Festival 
and Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off Gathering!


> Christine writes:
>> how can we mollify the rest of the neighborhood
>> before next year (meaning the residents of the houses fronting
>> the street where lots of us parked)?
> Inviting them in for dinner may elicit some additional Trail
> Angels as they, of course, live right next to the PCT and may not
> recognize the hugeness (is that a word?) of it.  It might also
> relieve any apprehension they may have due to the number of
> attendees by illustrating to them that we are better people than
> we may appear.
> However, we don't really want this to become a Lake Morena
> Community Spring Festival (LMCSF) and have all of the residents
> show up for our gathering.
> So, I appoint you "Abassador of the ADZPCTKO to the local
> residents of Lake Morena who live adjacent to the PCT".
> Ah, the problems of the event being too successful seem to demand
> organization to unrelenting levels.
> Strider
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