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[pct-l] ADZ Attendance

Christine writes:

> how can we mollify the rest of the neighborhood
> before next year (meaning the residents of the houses fronting the street
> where lots of us parked)?  

Inviting them in for dinner may elicit some additional Trail Angels as they, 
of course, live right next to the PCT and may not recognize the hugeness (is 
that a word?) of it.  It might also relieve any apprehension they may have 
due to the number of attendees by illustrating to them that we are better 
people than we may appear.  

However, we don't really want this to become a Lake Morena Community Spring 
Festival (LMCSF) and have all of the residents show up for our gathering.  

So, I appoint you "Abassador of the ADZPCTKO to the local residents of Lake 
Morena who live adjacent to the PCT".

Ah, the problems of the event being too successful seem to demand 
organization to unrelenting levels.


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