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[pct-l] Grand Canyon Trip

Just back from the grand Canyon and a 110 mile back pack trip that descended 
to the Colorado River 3 times and traversed 12 BIG side canyons, any one of 
which was comparable to all Zion has to offer. Water was sparse to say the 
least, relying on water that resembled month old stagnant water in a five 
gallon bucket teeming with pollywogs and mossy algae. And no filter!! Yummy 
  Highlight of trip was on Havasupai Indian reservation where I stumbled into 
an Indian camp 14 miles from Supai and was invited to participate in a wild 
horse capture. They were camped at a spring that was the only water source 
for many miles around. Just after dinner, they spotted two horses warily 
walking towards our camp. I was instructed to stay still and quiet and 
watched wide eyed as the horses neared. Then one of the Indians sprang out 
behind the horses and chased them right into our amphitheater camp, closing a 
wire gate as they passed through it. For the next fifteen minutes absolute 
chaos ensued, as they lassoed one of them and it dragged them over large 
rocks like  rag dolls. Before they could get him tied to a large rock, the 
stallion charged me three times, rearing up and looking me right in the eye, 
and backing down each time. They finally secured him to a rock, but the 
battle was far from over as the horse struggled to the point of injury, 
falling several times in his efforts to free himself. They quickly lassoed 
one leg at a time and finally had all limbs hobbled together so he could no 
longer stand up. Then they placed a halter over his head, secured that to a 
big rock and took off all the other ropes. The horse stood up and that was 
that. His destiny? packing for the Indians. The other horse got away by 
running through one of the Indians and blasting through the gate before they 
could lasso him. Turns out they were also campground rangers and they told me 
I could stay for free as long as I wanted. I had a camera in my pocket and 
got some great shots. They all want copies! I also gave them a map and 
compass lesson and they told me the secrets of Havasu Canyon, including the 
day the Conquistadors came in the 1500's