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[pct-l] Meeting with trail maintainers

> We were on a crew last week which was working trail at "the rough
> switchback[s] [which] lead to the ridgetop north of Lion Peak", Map B6.

I was just an overnight hiker going the wrong direction, but I did get a 
couple of pictures as I was passing through:


It was a scene out of Brother Where Art Thou, complete with Si-Reens!
They had a lot of extra sharp heavy 
tools lying around so I didn't hang around long
enough to be pressed into service, 
(PCTA means Pressed Crew Trail Ameliorators doesn't it?)
but I do know that when I reach the
pearly gates, St Pete will be asking not how many trail miles I hiked,
but how many I maintained, so I need to start building up some credit before
it's too late!