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[pct-l] Meeting with Thru-Hikers

We were on a crew last week which was working trail at "the rough
switchback[s] [which] lead to the ridgetop north of Lion Peak", Map B6.
On 2 May Christina passed quickly through, then Laura (to whom I'll
email PCT-L subscription info). On 3 May the first main kickoff people
were "Shorts", Chuckie, Jeff, Greg, Brent, and possibly one more
thru-hiker whose name I didn't get. All hikers were in good spirits. On
4 May Brooke and "Mad Hatter", who had left the border earlier, arrived,
and "Load" with a friend passed by earlier in the morning. In the
afternoon, Frank Kroger with his foil-lined parasol arrived and
participated in our test of a newly constructed dip by letting a rubber
ball roll onto it. This may not be a complete tally as hikers might have
passed around us on each day before our arrival at the worksite.

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