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[pct-l] Thru-Hiker Support / Saufleys

I think Switchback might have come up with something here on the Lone 
Pine idea.
I'd offer that you pitch it to the Lone Pine COC http://www.lone-pine.com/
or even just try the Dow Villa Hotel  http://www.dowvillamotel.com/

Who knows; maybe their local business there would see enough 
opportunity to support the idea. Maybe the City of Lone Pine could 
put together an event offering a free shuttle service once or twice 
daily to/from the Horseshoe Mdws or Onion Valley trailheads. If they 
had a target date to work with, even consecutive WEEKDAYS when local 
merchants might otherwise have excess capacity, who knows.  It works 
for White's Motel in Mojave to pick up hikers all season long, maybe 
some Lone Piners (?) could see an opportunity there.  It would 
certainly help offer a solution to thruhiking that long stretch 
without easy resupply.

On another note, as a Section E PCTA Trail Coordinator I had the 
pleasure today of making my first official visit to the Saufley's 
Hiker Heaven at Agua Dulce; basically just to say hi. Now whatever 
great things you've heard about the Saufleys' generosity, it's likely 
not exageration, because due to their commitment to PCT hikers they 
may be quite close to actual trail deities.  If you get to meet them, 
it's worth hearing the story of how they got to be hosts.  Anyway 
their place is very pleasant and clean, and it exceeded my 
expectations for what a free hikers' hostel might look like; in fact, 
come to think of it, it's truthful to say that it's better than some 
places I've PAYED to stay at.
Today I found two lucky hikers there, Hawkeye and Andrew, and we 
enjoyed the afternoon conversing and hanging out with the dogs.  We 
especially enjoyed watching 'UK Ray's' video and tribute to our own 
Ron 'Fallingwater' Moak, ("HI, RON!!).

Kevin Corcoran

>The Kickoff at Lake Morena was great.  I was wondering if there might be a
>need for something similar for the Sierras.  Maybe some type of shuttle
>service from Horseshoe Mdws parking lot (Cottonwood Pass) and or the Onion
>Valley parking lot (Kearsarge Pass).  A little party, cooking, and shuttles
>into town (Lone Pine).  This could be done over a three day period.  The
>thru-hikers should be fairly well grouped together from Kennedy Mdws and
>their mid-June start.
>The Horseshoe Mdws would be good from the standpoint that it is the natural
>bailout point if the snows are too much for some hikers.  Plus, the hike to
>the parking lot from the trail is very easy and short.
>The problem is that it is just one-night camping and usually very crowded in
>June when the thru-hikers hit Cottonwood Pass.  The road up there opened last
>week.  Onion Valley may allow a little more camping time, but you have some
>real hiking challenges getting to the Kearsarge Pass side trail.  The side
>trail itself is not too bad.  About 9 miles round trip (?).  This would
>certainly make the food haul to Lake Edison or Reds Meadows a lot more
>Anyway, just an idea to help the thru-hikers as they start the long haul in
>the Sierras.  Would be lots of fun if it could be done.
>Happy trails, Switchback

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