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[pct-l] Kick-Off is King to Lake Morena

 After talking to the locals around the village of Lake Morena, the PCT 
kick-off is the biggest money maked for the local economy!!! No other weekend 
comes close . ( This is from the gals who run the small store and for the 
last 3 years ,we are the biggest draw in the dying resort town) Reason for 
the town's demise is San Diago now owns the water rights to the lake( Which 
use to be a blue ribbon Bass Lake with Fishermen from all over the Southwest 
coming to test their skill) Now days the lake is just a token puddle of it's 
former self and is getting smaller with each year. ( This is why no swimming 
is allowed/// San Diago owns the water) Gals in the restaurant eyes light up 
when telling of the " Glory days" of the lake before the downsizing began. 
Good job organizers!!!! Lake Morena Village loves us!!! 

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