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[pct-l] Ontario Peak hike, Sat. May 4th


It was good meeting many of you this past weekend at the ADZ! It was a
great event. Thanks to all who made it such a great success, and for the
updates, Strider (and all).

This Saturday I will be leading a 13 mile RT hike up Icehouse Canyon to
Icehouse Saddle and then on to Ontario Peak. It is listed as a moderate
to strenuous hike by Robinson in "Trails of the Angeles". Based on his
other ratings I would guess it would be moderate if you are used to
hiking regularly, strenuous if you aren't. There are 3800' of elevation
gain, topping out at 8693' high Ontario Peak. On the way we go through
Kellys Camp, originally a mining camp, then a trail resort in the 20's,
now an unimproved wilderness campsite. There will be some beautiful
scenery traveling through white fir, ponderosa and sugar pine and finally
lodgepole pine as well as, weather permitting, a great view from the

We will meet at the Icehouse Canyon parking area, 1 1/2 miles above Mt.
Baldy Village just off Mt. Baldy Road. A National Forest Adventure Pass
is required to park there, they are available at the Mt. Baldy Visitor
Center in the village ($5.00/day, $30/year) as well as many other places
such as REI, SportMart & Sport Chalet. Meeting time will be 9:00 am. I
will be leaving my house in Torrance at 7:30 if anyone wants to meet
here. Please confirm if you are joining us and where you will meet us.

At the moment (Tuesday night) the weather forecast for Baldy Village is
for a cool 61 degrees, cloudy and windy for Saturday, so be prepared for
cooler weather on the summit. Bring plenty of water and food, it should
be a good workout!

Vic Hanson

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