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[pct-l] Electrolyte Replacement


I've become a big Cytomax fan.  It's not what I consider sweet, but it =
is a powder, and you mention looking for tablets.  I find that drinking =
it (I really like the punch flavor) really reduces muscle fatigue and =
speeds recovery.  I started using it mountainbiking, and found it to =
help with all other activities. The trick seems to be to drink it =
before, during, and after strenuous activity.  While I am not able to =
quantify the results with statistics, I swear by the stuff -- it really =
helps.  It's not cheap and it can be a little hard to find in grocery =
stores, etc.  A good bike shop or sporting goods store should have it in =
stock.  Locally I find mine at Performance Cyclery and Sports Chalet.

Great seeing you at the Kick-Off.  What a blast!!!

-=3DDonna Saufley=3D-

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