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[pct-l] Old Climbing Glasses for sale

 Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for Old hiking and climbing gear. 
Just got 2 pair of antique glacier glasses from " Major Surplus and 
Survival". Most this stuff is junk army suplus , BUT these are so cool I need 
to share with the list. ( Vented dark green glass with either brass or black 
eye cups that are vented) Only 16.95  and ask for item number 8-4312 on page 
47. ( These are 50 years old) Call 1-800-441-8855. Made for Swiss troops and 
have small tin carrying box. ( Just like Hillary) Of course , my wife says I 
look like the " Gyro-copter" guy from Mad Max in them but they are as " 
Classic " as Classic gets. Anyone over 40 y/o remembers these glasses. ( 
Don't forget to bring your old tube of white zinc oxide to complete the 

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