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[pct-l] W32.Klez Virus

As you probably already know, there is a new virus running around that 
attacks Windoze computers, especially those using older verisons of 
Internet Explorer. It has some of the nastier traits of "Code Red" and "Nimda."

It has one new, really annoying traits: If forges the "from" address in the 
emails it sends out. It gets the names and email addresses from the same 
place (usually and address book) where is finds the addresses to attack.

To make a long story short, I am getting a bunch of bounces and complaints 
directed to pct-l-admin@mailman.backcountry.net for sending out the Klez virus

That means someone with my admin address on their computer is infected. If 
you get an attachment from the admin account, just delete it. It is NOT 
from me.
Brick Robbins
I Haven't Lost My Mind, It's Backed Up On Disk Somewhere