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[pct-l] Goodbye to All

Thank you, thank you....To all of you who have posted to this site. Your
comments and questions have helped me tremendously over the past 5
months that I've been actively planning this through hike. I'll be
taking off tomorrow morning to spend Tues, Wed and Thurs with my
husband. Thurs night we'll camp in Campo. Friday morning- say goodbye to
hubby for 5 months (not easy) and begin the trail early. He says that he
doesn't like my leaving but supports me and my decision to do the trail.
But says, "No More Trips after this one!" I'm so grateful for ADZPCTKOP.
My emotions, and my husband's, are all over the place. I'm hoping your
experience, strength and hope will center me and slow me down enough so
I'll north which direction is north. Is it possible to have this much
adrenaline running through a body and function? Can't wait to meet those
of you who are putting on/attending ADZ. Thanks for knowing how
important it is to us rookies!! Gottago - Linda
p.s. Thanks to my 2002 classmates for your emails. See you soon!:)


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