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[pct-l] water and ice report


I will not be going on the PCT that far (Hwy. 74 to I-10), but thank you =
none-the-less for posting your information.

I have researched weather forecasts for the trail between Lake Morena =
and Julian/Banner area and it is going to be PERFECT hiking weather: =
low-mid 70's and cloudy (thru 5-1-02; as of this date) during the day =
and good and cool at night (30's).  That's good news for those of us who =
hate the heat and don't want to carry any more water than necessary.  :)

I'll be leaving from the Lake Sun. am. w/two other gals. I am only going =
44 miles; they'll go to Scissors xing or beyond.

Thanks again,


"Use what talents you have: the woods would have little music if no =
birds sang their song except those who sang best."

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