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[pct-l] Tick Bites

Sorry to cause alarm on the tick issue:  I should have mailed a specimen =
to the good professor at UC Davis so he could tell me what type of tick =
I had, so I could determine on the trail whether or not I needed =
treatment. =20

The medical doctor at the Urgent Care facility in Ridgecrest told me =
they have diagnosed cases of Lymne disease in that area.
So who do I believe a medical doctor or a University Entomologist.

As to the quantity of ticks I think the good professor needs to =
immediately hike through that portion of the trail approx five miles =
north of Joshua Tree Springs (Sec. G) and give me a better figure for =
the number of ticks that I might have picked off.

After a week I'm still on antibiotics.  The size of the bites are =
currently about the size of a penny.  So YOU be the judge, when it's =
YOUR hide, whether or not YOU need treatment.


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