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[pct-l] snakes

>From: "WoodsPublishing" <woodsps@charter.net>
>Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 20:36:32 -0700

>Since snakes have no eyelids they hate sand/dust and
will start looking 
>for shelter. If you find yourself in a tight spot
occupied by a snake, kick a little 
>dust or dirt in their general direction. We're not
talking shovelfuls, 
>not enough to do damage just enough irritation to
convincethe snakethat 
>better living conditions will be found elsewhere
> Ö

What I donít know about snakes could keep a
book-of-the-month club going for years.  Yet I have to
ask, is this really standard advice?  Thatís a sincere
question, not a rhetorical one.  My concern is this: 
I would be afraid that kicking my leg, no matter how
slight the motion or honorable my intentions, might
look to the snake like an aggressive act.  Are there
any qualifications that should be placed on this piece
of advice?  Like, "Never when a snake is coiled," or
"Not when a snake is facing you," or  "Only when well
outside of striking range?"  Thanks! -- RW

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