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[pct-l] Re: Iron Mtn. IV

Hey, we won this one!

Hikers - 2
Iron Mtn. - 0

The weather forecast looked great, sunny and warm, a nice change from
last time. However it turned out to be quite hot and we didn't take
enough water with on the summit attempt. It almost turned out to be a
failed attempt for me as I ran out of water and energy along with a mild
case of heat stroke. I was ready to give up numerous times but Garrett
encouraged me to keep going and I didn't want to admit defeat in this
report so I managed to keep going and we made it to the top. 

There was just a small patch of snow in the trees on the north side of
Iron Mtn. and a thin sliver was visable on Mt. Baldy.

We came back down and headed to Allison Mine and water. I almost panicked
as we were approaching the mine and I couldn't hear the stream! It was
running but quite low. Does anyone know if there is water there all
summer long? I drank 3 liters by morning and didn't have to get up to go
to the bathroom so was definitely dehydrated! I had a wonderful night's
sleep on the old mattress springs that were there.

We had a great time exploring the mines on Sunday morning, went down into
the lower level at the entrance of the main tunnel and found tunnels that
came out in various places. Unfortunately, no gold.