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[pct-l] Top 10 reasons to visit the ADZPCTKO Web site

#10 See which poor schmoes are still looking for a ride
#9 Come up with trail names for registered attendees who don't yet have one
#8 See pictures of 2001 AGPLDHG&IR winners Brawny and Lightningbolt
#7 Find out what AGPLDHG&IR stands for
#6 Register to let us know you plan to attend
#5 See a map of Lake Morena and vicinity
#4 Offer a ride or look for a ride to/from the event
#3 See pictures of 2001 hikers 6 weeks after ADZPCTKO
#2 Become a member of Strider's captive audience 
And the #1 reason to visit the ADZPCTKO Web site?
#1 You can make donations to offset the cost of putting on the shindig
Check it out today! http://pct77.org/adz 
And don't forget to drop your donation in the hat.

:: Carl Siechert
:: We're looking for 1977 PCT Hikers
:: http://pct77.org/reunion