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[pct-l] Snow

Sonora and Tioga pass areas got 3-4 inches of snow/ice...temps down to
15 deg F...more Tues night, Wed


At 08:49 PM 4/15/02 -0700, Welter, Ed wrote:
>And winter is still lingering here in Oregon/Washington.  The snow level is
>dropping to 2000 feet again tomorrow with 5-7 inches of accumulation in the
>Cascades.  That is fairly late to be getting snow that low around here and
>with record or near record accumulations this year, it could be a long slow
>snow melt this year unless the weather really starts changing for the
>better.  We're still skiing on good snow around here.
>Keep an eye on those snow levels, a slight drop in average temp (such as
>now) and they turn to ice that lingers on and on and on, and Red
>Tahquitz/Fuller Ridge can be a surprise. 
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