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[pct-l] Homemade 1-Ounce Camp Sandals (& Modified Socks)

I've made some ultralight camp sandals from boot/shoe inserts and nylon =
cord.  Brawny has also modified some socks to be worn with them.  She =
has field tested both on her AT hike, and she reports that they have =
done very well.

Her sandals in women's size 7 - 8 weigh about an ounce.  My pair in =
men's size 12 weigh about one and a half ounces.

No special tools or skills are required. Instructions, additional =
information and photos can be seen here (look for "Articles / Sites Of =
Interest" about half way down the page):

http://www.trailquest.net/PCTTrailQuest.html .

David Mauldin
www.trailquest.net .
"To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"


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