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[pct-l] I had to walk 5 miles in the snow to get to school...uphill both ways!!!

In 98 most people did a flip-flop. I was one of them. Don't have any
exact numbers, I met 10-20 people in who had gone thru the Sierras
(South-North). Met them in Southern Oregon and Northern California, and
don't know how many who completed. But having gotten thru that far it
wasn't really any reason why they shouldn't make the rest. 

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anyone who completes the PCT is a badass, but the 98ers did have to 
contend with over 300% of normal snowfall.  i am not sure anyone made 
it south to north.  I know that Brian sweet finished the trail but 
stopped at the sierras on the way north and flew up to canada to 
start hiking south back to the point where he stoped.