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[pct-l] Is Pocketmail "semi obscure?" -- was: New On-Trail List?

--- Brick Robbins <brick@fastpack.com> wrote:
> >device, and by extension e-mail based announement
> of
> >trail conditions.
> "Virtually everyone" sounds a lot like "most" so
> Ron's observations 
> disagrees with Paul's belief.

>From Ron:

>>As far as checking trail conditions, I never sent
>>out or received any 
>>conditions updates. Nor do I know anyone else that
>>did. The trail grapevine
>>is far more accurate than anything you'd receive via
>>email. The grapevine is more accurate than official
government postings. 

>>By the time you get email, it's pretty much out of
>>date. Or it arrives after
>>you've been through the section. 

But agrees with this one. Which, if you recall, was my
original point. *How many people will use an e-mail
list to check trail conditions?*  *How useful will an
e-mail hot line be?*

So, please keep my original point in mind rather than
accidentally misread my statements. I understand
e-mail can be a finicky medium for conveying nuances,
but if you recall my question is:

How useful is an e-mail hotline for trail conditions?

Again, I undestand it is easy to take a statement out
on context, and I again aplogize if I am not making
myself clear.

> All tech bashing aside, someone on a long trip away
> from home LIKES to keep 

And I was not tech bashing. Otherwise I would not be
writing this electronic missive.

Please keep that in mind as well, thank you.

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