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[pct-l] John Muir Trail Questions

Getting to and from Reds Meadow from Mammoth would be easier than any other
place (there are busses to Devils Postpile).  You could also get rides down
from Vermillion, but you would have to line something up to get there. But,
folks are friendly there and I'm sure you could do it if you call and make
arrangements. You also go out over Kearsage Pass to Independence, but that
may be too far if you start in the Valley.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
(503) 232-5271
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> I appreciate anyone that can offer some advice concerning
> an upcoming trip on the John Muir Trail that I am planning
> for this summer. I only have about 9 hiking days and
> plan to do about half of the JMT.(unfortunately, the
> necessity of work makes a longer hike impossible this
> year.) Can someone recommend a good point to come off the
> trail? I have the data book and a couple of PCT books, but
> nothing is giving me much info concerning the two choices I
> see....Vermillion Valley Resort and the John Muir Camp. Is
> either one of these a better stopping and getting back on
> point for next year than the other?   It appears that the
> Modesto or Fresno airports would be the best to take into
> Yosemite. Any thoughts there?  And also what about the
> possibility of finding a shuttle driver who will take us
> from the airport to Yosemite or possibly a bus that runs
> from the airport?
> And what about a shuttle from the stopping point?  I
> appreciate any input very much!
> Thanks. Butterfly GA to PA 97 to 00, PA to ME 01
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