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[pct-l] Re: New On-Trail List?

--- Brick Robbins <brick@fastpack.com> wrote:
> At 11:37 AM 4/11/02, Paul Magnanti wrote:
> This is email, not web all you need is a payphone.
> Have you not heard of "pocketmail?"
> http://www.pocketmail.com/

Yes,I have heard of pocketmail,  but have YOU not
heard most people do not have pocketmail. ;-) 

Most people who have e-mail that are traveling, will
be using a web-based e-mail account. Hence why I said
a web based hookup. There are also sattelite phones,
e-mail cell phones, and other kinds of techno goodies.
that we can all mention but we don't. To mention one
semi-obscure device to prove a point, well -shrug-,
does not seem to help your point.

> I'm not sure of the "intrusive in the backdcountry"
> arguments against this 
> form of communication to get trail conditions.

I am not even going to go into the intrusive bit. Did
not even mention it in my first e-mail.

I am just wondering how useful it will be  to the
TYPICAL long distance hiker. How many LD hikers have
pocket mail? How many LD hikers want to get their
e-mail while in town when they already have showers to
take, laundy to do, letters to write, supplies to buy,
etc. ?  

Also, 'just' hooking a pocketmail up to pay phone? Pay
phones are becoming more and more difficult to find
due to the the popularity of cell phones. So now I
have to wander around in a town I am not familiar with
to hook up Pocketmail to a pay phone?

> Just faster and easier. The pad of paper that I used

Again, not again saying if it useful or easier or
intrusive. or faster.just wondering how useful it will

The whole idea of an e-mail list seems predicated on
the concept that there are hikers with Pocketmail
looking for payphones. :-)

No problems with the idea, just wondering how many
people will use it when it is all said and done. Those
of us on a mailing list are a small group of  an
already small group.

As before, just my .02, YMMV, HYOH,  whatever works
for you, etc.

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