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[pct-l] Ice axe/crampon lesson

Just got back from a day of ice axe/ crampon instruction. Went up W.
Line Street out of Bishop. Pulled off the road, just opposite Cardinal
Village before Sabrina Lake. The Sierra Mtn Center instructor found some
rather soft snow on a north facing slope that was used for my lesson.
Started at 7 am and within a couple of hours the snow rapidly softened.
Had fun, feel more secure with my new knowledge of how to travel in
snow. There was no snow on the road and very little on the ground
(8500'). It was 78 degrees in Bishop and sunny and warm up at Lake
Sabrina. Many in Bishop are talking about how this year will probably be
drier than last year. The instructor was concerned about the Center's
upcoming winter courses because there won't be enough snow. I'm bringing
my ice axe and 6 point crampons because I'd rather be safe than sorry. I
drove home wanting to shout to the world that I'd finally found freedom
now that I don't have to retreat from snowy trails anymore. But, the
world wouldn't care, so.....I'll shout it to you. I had a ball.:)


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