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[pct-l] Nut butters on the trail

I misread/misremembered a post by Rosaleen which put an idea in my head that
has led to a lightweight solution to shipping and carrying nut butters on
long backpacking trips.
I'll be debuting my .7 oz no-mess nut butter carrying system at the ADZPCTKO
(http://siechert.org/adz/)at the AGPLDHG&IR (Annual Great Pacific Long
Distance Hiking Gear and Invention Revue).  If you would like to know my
solution before ADZ so that you can take it on a thru-hike this year, please
email me off list. I'll also try to post it after the (boy, even the acronym
is too long) AGPLDHG&IR.

I'm also thinking, though, that my solution may be too complex.  How do
other people ship and carry nut butters on long hikes?  Do you throw away
the packaging?  Send it back home for cleaning and refilling?
Thoughts?  Experience?
I've been through the nut butter holders -the ones with wide end that you
seal with a clip.  Those things break and they are messy.  Also, I'm not
going to shop-as-I go because I don't think Cabazon will have organic almond
John B./Cupcake
PCT 2002
(I'm cross-posting this on lighttrailfood, backpackinglight and pct-l.)