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[pct-l] Water Purification

I am loathe to comment on the many aspects of hiking that so many who =
contribute to this list know infinitely more about.  However, I have had =
what amounts to a great deal of experience supporting hikers through =
this section.  And I've seen many of them very sick (nausea, vomiting, =
fever) from water taken at place about 20 miles south of here. It's no =
fun to be sick out there, weakened and miserable.  I've heard from many =
hikers after their trips, and a fair number had their trips cut short =
due to water impurities. =20

Take care of yourself. You can't see bacteria, and everyone is unique in =
how they react to things.  Have a good hike.

-=3DDonna Saufley=3D-

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