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[pct-l] Re: Water Purification

Here's another point of view.

My water PURIFIER of choice is a First-Need. Ok, I hear the groans and snickers. Why would anyone choose to lug around a 20 oz purifier that takes 'forever' to get water?

1. Your water ALWAYS tastes like bottled water, whether it comes from a cow pond or spring. Having my wheaties taste like rotting leaves is NOT cool.

2. No chemicals. A feature difficult to get consistently even in 'civilization'.

3. Peace of mind. Imaginary water contamination or not it's a purifier, not a filter. It removes giardia, crypto, viruses, cysts and pesticides.

The unit and spare cartridges are rather pricey. My camera and filter are my only luxury items that I carry. That's my petty justification for carrying it.

Scott Parks

>Back in the UK I thought we had water purification sorted for our PCT
>thru-hike. We'd use mainly Aqua Mira plus some Iodine. I'd read the
>excellent medical article about Giardia and wasn't worried.
>Now I arrive in the US, I'm told about something called
>Was the guy in the store just trying to sell me a $70 filter? ("the only
>way to remove crypto")
>Or is this a real issue? Past thru-hikers please advise.
>Thanks in advance.
>Liz & Simon

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