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[pct-l] Report Hazards and Stuff


I hope that you have a great time hiking or riding the PCT. Please be
safe, and as
you go forward, remain thoughtful about everything we read in this list
which can
maximize your pleasure, minimize your pain. And one more wish: please
us informed about bad areas on the trail that you observe and which
could stand improvement. Notify us about anything that isn't right about
the trail, like tread
damage, trees which have fallen across it, brush, absence of markers,
dangerous water crossings.

The trail supervisors of state and federal parks and forests request
and rider's comments concerning the suitability of trails within their
Deficiencies can be remedied with the use of volunteers working on
trail projects or by their own trail crews. Within the Sponsored
Voluntary Services
agreements which I have with three national forests, I'm tasked to
notify them
of trail damage which I learn about from PCT users and from personal

Please let the list membership know where you have seen these  hazards
damaged areas; I'll pass on your concerns as I read about them here. Or
you can
notify me directly. For deficiencies which you see elsewhare than in the
Nevada, I'll forward your data via my great partners Pete Fish and JoAnn
in the other two PCTA California regions.

Be safe, enjoy the trail
Central California Regional Trail Coordinator
Pacific Crest Trail Association
Bishop CA Tel.: 760-872-2338
Email: campy@mtnhighwest.com


"Time spent doing trail work shall not be deducted from your life!"