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[pct-l] after ADZ

This isn't my year for a through-hike, or even half of one, or even a fifth
of one, but I am planning to attend ADZ - who'd miss a lineup of entertainment
like that - and I'm thinking about what to do after.    I figured on Sunday
I would volunteer to haul water jugs if any of the folks who organize those
need help - most of the caches are conveniently close to roads, but not all,
especially the one in the middle of the San Felipe.

Last year between April Fools and Christmas 
I managed to get from the border to Coyote Canyon, so this year I was
thinking in terms of covering Coyote Canyon to I-10.    If the snow level
is still relatively low in southern California, maybe I can deal with
Fuller Ridge the first week in May, though I loathe the thought of 
hauling my ancient ice axe and crampons all that way.    My original
plan was to do that over Memorial Day, which is probably more reasonable
in a normal year for normal hikers.

Actually, as a one-way hiker, the problem of where to leave the car is an
even bigger problem,
so I was actually thinking in terms of leaving it either
at Kamp Anza or Pink Motel, getting to the other end by public transportation,
and hiking back.    I know this means walking (at least) to Cabazon,
and to Anza, but is there a way to get between these two points?
Maybe one would have to get a cab from Palm Springs.   Or, if another hiker
with a car would like to do the same thing at the same time, we could work
that out.

As for me, I am planning on stopping and eating at Idyllwild AND Cabazon
AND the Pines-to-Palms restaurant!   I believe hikers should patronize any
and all establishments that welcome their business!

My plans, as they unfold, will be at http://pcnst.oakapple.net/future