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[pct-l] light weight packs?

I use an osprey aether that weighs 1lb 9 oz.  its only 2000 c.i., but 
has lost of straps and places to tie stuff on.

I also have a North Face Big Shot that is about 1lb ??oz, and 2000 
c.i.  it works well too, but the osprey is really comfy.

good luck.

> As has already been posted, it really depend show much weight you 
expect to 
> be carrying.  You really can't ask a 14 oz. backpack to carry a 50 
> load comfortably.
> If you do have your base pack weight down and are likely to max out 
at 25 
> pounds or so, then the previously mentioned G4 from 
> may be an appropriate option.  Others to consider are the Golite 
packs at 
> http://www.golite.com/ and the P-1 pack at http://www.ula-
equipment.com/ .
> For packs that can carry someone more (they have frames), consider 
the P-2 
> from ULA or the Kelty Flight (if you can find one - it's been 
> recently) or its current replacement (I can't remember the name) at 
> http://www.kelty.com/ .
> The nice thing about these lighter weight packs is that they do 
tend to cost 
> less than their heavyweight counterparts.
> You can check out reviews ofsome of these packs at 
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackGearTest/files/Packs/
> Mara
> >From: "Lisa Whitmire" <lisawhitmire@hotmail.com>
> >Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 16:54:06
> >
> >...Is it worth spending the money on a new
> >pack? And if so which?
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