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[pct-l] tyvek

--- ryman curtis-mclane <rymancm@hotmail.com> wrote:
> i need a 9' x 9' piece of tyvek.  does anyone know
> where i can get one (besides "austin's tyvek")? 
> thanks.
> -ryman     
> rymancm@hotmail.com&nbsp; 
> ------------------------------------------

You can try your local construction site. They often
have scarps they may be willing to get rid of.

Though this may not help you personally, for others
looking for Tyvek, "Into the Wind" sells it for
$2.50/yd. It is 60" wide, but you can cut it down.


The grade of Tyvek they sell is a bit less rigid than
the one used  on houses, but have used it quite
successfully as a ground cloth for my needs.

Has a location conveniently located on Pearl St. in
Boulder..well convenient for me, anyway. ;-)

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