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[pct-l] 'Blister' should be a 4-letter word

Funny you should bring the subject of footwear up. I am taking my Red Wings 
Irish Setter Triple EEE Big Fat Hiking Boots in to be resoled for my upcoming 
Grand Canyon hike. I used them on the PCT in '99. They were sent to Seiad 
Valley brand spanking new. I went up that mighty steep 3500 ' hill out of 
Seiad past cow infested Kangaroo Lakes and put in about 14 miles after a late 
start.  No blisters.  Once, to really show them off, I took a brand new pair 
to climb Rainier and made sure everyone noticed that I was lacing them up for 
the first time in the parking lot. No blisters, but one member of our party 
wore plastic boots that worked more like a grinder than protective footwear. 
I shudder at the memory. But then again, I saw some pretty disgusting, pus 
infested, to -the -bone stuff on the PCT. So what will work for you?? Beats 
the hell out of me. But I went with Red Wing because I have big flat feet and 
they are one of the few boot makers that offer multiple widths and lengths. 
So it stands to reason that with so much variety, I could easily find boots 
that would fit my feet like a pair of gloves and that is exactly what 
happened, to the point where no break-in time is necessary. So, one pair of 
Red Wings has been to the top of Rainier, to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, 
and worn on over 1300 miles of backpacking -- and absolutely minimum blister 
problem (okay, I got a small one on one heel while descending on pavement 
into Idylwild). Pretty versatile to my way of thinking. They also own Vasque 
and New Balance if I'm not mistaken. The vibrams are nearly gone, but the 
cobbler assures me that for $64, I'll have a pair of hiking boots that should 
last for a couple of more seasons.  I use them for work, to boot! And I've 
done 5.8 pitches in them too!
   Man, I deserve a brand new pair from Red Wing for THAT endorsement, 
although the chance of anyone on this list buying a pair are about the same 
as a snowman applying for a job in Hell - and getting it